Kronwell Hotel

As I only have one holiday a year, it was important for me to find the perfect Kronwell Hotel. Not so easy at all. Especially if you don’t travel alone. And so I had a lot of pleasure to share the numerous advantages of the hotel with my family. The beds were big enough. And even when it came to adding another bed, this was possible without any problems. Everything was clean and also the view to the outside could be seen. And as soon as the children were asleep or in good hands, we could visit the club around the corner. This was recommended to us at the reception. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical, but then I let myself be inspired. Here it did not even need an invitation or a car. Everything could be reached comfortably on foot. And if the feet or legs from sitting a lot hurt, there was still the wellness area. An area that should not be underestimated. As one was used to it, from thermal baths and such, one got also here saunas and more offered. Just lie down and relax. And so it remained not only with a massage. Some areas had to be paid extra, but when do you have the opportunity for such a holiday? Otherwise, there was also a fitness area in the Kronwell Hotel. The equipment was convincing as well as the possibility to take drinks free of charge.

Beside the fitness drinks we also wanted to go away. No matter if it was the bars around the corner or the tasty food, we always had a good time. The good feeling could be enjoyed until the next morning. Because there we made use of the Late-Check-Out. A possibility to take longer to check out.