Hotel Golden Crown

A hotel room wasn’t enough. I needed several. And so the Hotel Golden Crown immediately knocked me over. With a small introduction I could find my way immediately. That also made it easier for me to find my room immediately. What is not so easy with a big Hotel Golden Crown otherwise. The hotel room promised a lot of variety. So I could have spent the whole evening in the room. Beside a comfortable bed it was above all the television and entertainment area, which convinced me immediately. But when I came out of the Hotel Golden Crown, I was also surprised. It had become already late and I saw the lights of the disco shine. A discotheque as it could hardly be more beautiful. Also here a friendly staff awaited me, as well as numerous game tables. I only had to choose whether I wanted to play alone or against several players. The buffet was just as versatile. Here all this was offered, as it is always shown in catalogues.

Apart from the superficial things, the details also convinced me. So I could sit down in the lobby and stay a while. The seating offered there invited me to linger. Which was probably also due to the high-quality leather. Everything in this Hotel Golden Crown is perfectly coordinated. At the beginning I already thought that due to the favourable prices not much is offered to me. But I was quickly convinced of the opposite. Even when I was expressing a special wish with my pyjamas at the reception, I wasn’t looked at funny. And with so much relaxation I quickly felt like fitness again. With the in-house fitness area I proved my fitness. And because I could recover so well before, my performance in the gym wasn’t so bad either.