Domaine des Hauts de Loire

I was looking for a perfect Domaine des Hauts de Loire. Now I could think that my requirements for a Domaine des Hauts de Loire were a little too high. But I was never disappointed. So I stood in front of a Domaine des Hauts de Loire, which literally knocked me down. The possibilities offered here are incredible. I felt like at home from the beginning. Even when it came to checking in and checking out, I didn’t have to make any compromises. I could see how everything worked by itself. The ones at Domaine des Hauts de Loire are a perfect team. So it’s not difficult to feel well looked after. Another advantage was of course the central location. Never thought that it would be so easy to achieve everything.

Because everything was so close, I never had to take much money with me. And even if I had run out of money, I would have been able to get supplies right away in the hotel room.

The price classes were based on the room. When I then wrote down one or the other wish extra, it was also fulfilled shortly afterwards. I was also astonished by the fact that I was able to eat really well. The buffet was more than madness. I’m not sure, but as it seemed, everyone got their culinary money’s worth. And if it wasn’t possible to eat directly on site, it was also possible to let the delicious food come to your room. Where already a richly filled minibar was waiting for me.