Best Western Hotel Portos

Through the hotel room I got to know pure luxury. The furnishings were exactly to my taste. I didn’t have to search long when it came to covering my own needs. In addition to a great bar that I could use at any time, I was also offered numerous attractions. The evening in the hotel Portos could be arranged this way simply. I felt comfortable not only in the hotel room, but also in the lobby. The friendly advice of the hotel staff was a good reason to go on an adventure trip.

I combined adventure with celebration. So if it is possible to combine celebration and good sleep, why not? The hotel complex was centrally located. So I never had to travel long distances to put up with you. The best thing is that I have now decided again to choose the same Best Western Hotel Portos. Everything seems to be right here. And even when it comes to prices, I didn’t have to worry.

There are rarely such hotels, in which simply everything fits. The lobby, as well as the rooms are so inviting, because here colours were used, which impose the well-being feeling downright, but never become obtrusive.

A holiday in such a hotel is perfect for those who simply want to try something new. Those who are tired of wanting to leave something to chance. With little effort to get more money and above all pleasure, that and much more visitors want. And because I didn’t have a suit available, I was provided with one. In the summer I will also decide for one of the numerous bathing possibilities. But also when it came to wellness, Best Western Hotel Portos had a lot to offer. The sauna was big enough to stretch my legs.