BedBos Hotel

Since I get around a lot, I’ve already seen a lot. But that didn’t stop me from looking at this BedBos Hotel from close up. I wouldn’t stand there as a hotel tester or connoisseur of the good hotel business, much more than an appreciator of comfort and good service. And so I would only give the BedBos Hotel top marks when it came to accessibility. I had no trouble finding my way from the airport to BedBos Hotel. Afterwards I was also received friendly. When I got tired in one evening, I just let myself fall. And what should I say, the bed was heavenly. I did not want to get up any more. Not to mention the view that I could enjoy from the window. The rooms in the BedBos Hotel were pleasantly cooled. So I always had enough opportunity to cuddle under the blanket. Whereby there would have been actually no reason at all for it in the summer. But I only started to sweat when I wanted to try out the discotheque around the corner. Never before have I experienced so much thrill. Now I would like to repeat the experience again. I would never have thought that one could combine hotel holidays and club pleasures so simply with each other.

With the BedBos Hotel I have discovered a feel-good place for myself. I would check in there again and again. Checking out is just as good. Here I was helped with the Late-Check. A possibility that every guest should take advantage of. Because so I had enough time to be able to pack everything. The staff at the lobby reminded me again whether I had taken everything with me. And I was able to agree with them. If someone asked me now for a perfect BedBos Hotel, I would probably not get past this BedBos Hotel.