Darren 'Daz' Ball

Daz Ball is one of the top names in UK bodybuilding after his win of the heavyweight class at the UKBFF British Finals in 2007. His goal is to earn his pro-card and represent the UK on the international stage against the big names in bodybuilding.

Daz is totally dedicated to his goals and lives and breathes bodybuilding 24/7. Enthusiasm radiates from him and he maintains a level-headed approach all times; he knows what he has to do to be the best and is willing to put in what it takes. Americans have called him ‘The Unknown Soldier’.

Daz is sponsored by the bodybuilding, strength and fitness discussion forum MuscleTalk.co.uk , one of the busiest sites in the world. Visit his journal there to ask Daz any questions about his training, diet and lifestyle.